Programme Manager Job at Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration in Rwanda 2014


The Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC) is a mechanism for the strategic transboundary collaborative management of the Greater Virunga landscape which covers the Central Alberine Rift (CAR). The GVTC’s goal is the improved conservation of species, habitats, and ecological services contributing to increased socio-economic benefits to the people of the CAR, through effective transboundary collaboration. GVTC works with and through partners towards synergizing the conservation efforts across the three countries which make up this landscape i.e. the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda. The area is made up of seven national parks across the three countries. The Vision of the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration has been formulated as: “the Central Albertine Rift Transfrontier Protected Area network together with surrounding landscape conserved sustainably” while the Goal is “sustainable conservation of the Central Albertine Rift biodiversity for long term socio-economic development through strategic transboundary collaborative management”.
The Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration was set up with the following objectives:
  • Collaboration for improved Transboundary conservation of natural resources
  • Ensuring improved and coordinated landscape level planning and management of natural resources
  • Sharing of skills and expertise
  • Benefit and cost sharing across borders
To achieve these objectives, an executive Secretariat was set up in 2008 and its structure reviewed in 2013 with a provision of key position within a detailed organigramme. This new structure implies the recruitment of a Programme Manager to support the technical work of GVTC in general and project implementation in particular.
Primary Purpose of the Position:
The role of the Programme Manager is to support the GVTC institution in projects/grant management, to work with the Deputy Executive Secretariat through an effective and efficient management of the Transboundary Strategic Plan implementation including the related projects with emphasis on  planning, implementation and reporting.
I. Scientific/Technical
  • Supervising the technical activities of the implementers who implement GVTC supported projects
  • Provide technical input to the implementing agency on all issues related to GVTC projects and grant management requirements.
  • Coordinate the analysis of GVTC supported partners’ scientific and technical reports and provide comments on their contents.
II. Management Responsibilities 
  • Coordinating the development of GVTC annual work plans in order to ensure their consistency with the Transboundary Strategic Plan and judicious use of available resources. This responsibility extends at the sites level.
  • Work with the Finance department in the preparation of annual field budgets and overall GVTC budgets and medium-term financial plans in line with the Transboundary Strategic Plan and GVTC business plan.
  • Supervise the field implementation of the annual funding plans, in liaison with the Finance department
  • Contribute to the consolidation and respect of GVTC requirements in terms of planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Provide support to consultants commissioned by GVTC.
  • Initiate and manage the GVTC technical scientific database.
III. Programme Coordination and partnership 
  • Work with two Deputy Executive Secretaries and the M&E Officer to ensure coordination and a better performance of projects/partners.
  • Initiate and strengthen relationships with Partners and implementing agencies
  • Together with the Communication officer, set up a functional network of operation with all relevant stakeholders, projects and initiatives (Public and private) within the Greater Virunga Landscape.
IV. Institutional development
  • Contribute to the development of GVTC institutional capacity including the fundraising
  • Together with the Executive Secretary in charge of Technical affairs and M&E Officer, coordinate the periodic evaluation of performance and impact for the implementation of the Transboundary Strategic Plan as well as the GVTC business plan and work-plans.
V.Working Conditions and Reporting
This position of Programme Manager will be based in the GVTC headquarters in Kigali, with frequent travel to GVTC working range in the 3 countries where the implementations of GVTC activities are carried out.
The Programme Manager will report on all matters to the GVTC Deputy Executive Secretary in charge of Technical affairs and will undertake any other duties assigned by the GVTC Executive Secretary.
The employment contract is for one year renewable according to the results of performance evaluation.
 Qualification & Experience
The Programme manager must have a Master’s degree (with five years’ relevant experience at least or a Bachelor’s degree with seven years’ relevant experience) in the Social Sciences (management studies,  environmental management, or related discipline);
At least 2 years’ experience in project implementation of similar scope project, Possess a driving license at least class B and the knowledge of English and French would be an added advantage.
This position requires a proven professionalism.
Interested candidates should send their motivation letter addressed to the GVTC Executive Secretary as well as  a detailed CV to the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration, Building ADRA, Nyarutarama opposite Ministry of Youth and ICT, P.O. Box 6626, Kigali, Rwanda. Telephone: +250 252 580 429 or electronically by Email:  or  latest on February 14, 2014 before 5:00 pm.

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