Dairy Farm Manager Job Vacancy In Accra, Ghana 2013


Dairy Farm Manager
Employment Type:
Full Time

Location: Accra, Ghana

Remuneration: 2000 USD (Gross)

Job Description:

1. Production & Management

  • Meet the defined production and performance targets for the farm
  • Organize (in conjunction with the FIM) all aspects of the management of the farm operation – to include seasonal, weekly and daily operations
  • Promote herd health and prevent health problems (e.g. mastitis, bloat, milk fever, grass staggers)
  • Ensure that the mating programme is implemented effectively
  • Implement the BOFP programme effectively as defined by dairycompany & the farm policy manual
  • Maintain timeliness with all farm operations, thus keeping the farmrunning smoothly and up to date
2. Milking and Quality
  • Oversee the operation of cowshed (farm dairy) to ensure grade free supply of milk
  • Shed & plant hygiene
3. Pasture & Feeding Management:
  • Pasture and supplementary feed allocation to ensure adequate cost-effective feeding of stock
  • Complete an accurate farm walk with plate meter – understand the skills required to accurately measure herbage mass
  • Be able to identify a looming feed deficit or surplus and take appropriate steps to maximise feed utilisation and profit
  • Understand how to accurately time supplement use in a grazing system to increase cow days in milk and high milk solids response for every kg fed
4. Financial & Business management
  • Participate in the setting of the budgets
  • Operate the farm to achieve the budget Farm Working expenses
  • Complete reports to the standard and timeframes required
  • Awareness of financial position of the business and managing the income / expenditure accordingly.
5. Personnel Management
  • Manage all employees in accordance with Farm HR policy and procedures.
  • Organise, implement and monitor the staff roster
  • Complete company performance review system, identify training and /or development needs and act on them, (including own development). Evaluate training once completed.
6. Asset Management
  • Attend to all repairs and maintenance as per the Asset Management Plan
  • Effective and efficient use of farm machinery
  • Preservation of the business assets
7. Compliance
  • Operate the farm to satisfy all Compliance requirements
8. Communication
  • Expressing ideas, thoughts and views clearly
  • Open and constructive discussions
  • Ensuring active listening
  • Written communication – completing all reports, paddock books, effluent records, plant machinery checklist e.t.c in readable format using understandable & clear language
9. Leadership
  • Accepting accountability/responsibility
  • Decision making – both own and supporting other people’s
  • Effective team work, helping others complete tasks
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Resolves conflicts promptly & fairly
  • Self management – setting self goals and achieving them
  • Completing tasks to a standard and on time
  • Building and maintaining relationships with others – including immediate team,consultants, support staff and suppliers.
  • Effective delegation & achieving results through others
  • Coaching staff to achieve results
  • Use and application of different leadership styles
  • Use and application of different leadership styles
The ideal candidate will:
  • Be a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Dairy Technology or its equivalent and have at least five years relevant experience.
  • Be innovative, enthusiastic and energetic, able to work with minimum supervision and will possess excellent organizational skills including the ability to multitask under pressure.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills, a pleasant and outgoing personality
  •  Be self-motivated and team orientated and work to a high level of integrity and accountability, with keen attention to details.
  • Have good communication, interpersonal and reporting skills.
  • Be Computer literate with hands on working experience in operating Microsoft Office suite specially MS Word and MS Excel.
  • Fluency in both oral and written English
If you feel you fit the above role,please send your CV to jobs@alternatedoors.co.ke

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