Machakos County Government Massive Job Vacancies in Kenya 2013


Machakos County Government

Machakos County Assembly

The County Assembly Service Board of Machakos invites applications from suitably qualified Kenyan citizens to fill the following vacant positions:-

1. Senior Clerk Assistant

Ref: M/CAS/2013/01
(4 Posts)

Duties and Responsibilities

The holder of this position will provide services under the direction of the Deputy Clerk. Duties will include:
  • Drafting and processing questions and motions in the table office;
  • Research on a specific aspect / area within the procedural research, committees and legislative division;
  • Serving as committee clerks;
  • Administrative and financial responsibilities;
  • Organizing / co-coordinating such activities as seminars and conferences.
Requirements for Appointment
For appointment to this grade a candidate must have:
  • A degree from a University recognized in Kenya in any of the fields in Law, Education, Social Sciences, Development studies,
  • Gender studies, Finance management, natural resource management, Accounting & Planning.
  • Certified Public Secretary of Kenya or a KNEC Higher National Diploma in Secretarial studies.
  • National Diploma in Secretarial studies.
  • Attended management courses offered by recognized Institutions
  • Demonstrable interest and commitment to the aims, objectives and principles of devolved legislative
  • Good command of spoken and written English and Swahili complied with demonstrable report writing skills.
  • Served in comparable position in Local Authorities for three (3) years
  • A Public Relations / Protocol Officer in the civil service.
2. First Clerk Assistant
Ref: M/CAS/2013/02
(2 Posts)
Duties and Responsibilities
The duties and Responsibilities include:-
  • Assisting in ensuring adherence to Assembly procedure, practice, conventions, tradition and etiquette
  • Research involving search for fresh information/facts by consulting appropriate sources like documents or persons
  • Offering administrative services to the various types of County assembly committees, including the County Assembly Service Board
  • Organizing activities pertaining to seminars and conferences for members of County Assembly and staff
Requirements for Appointment
For direct appointment to this grade a candidate must be in possession of:
  • A degree from a university recognized in Kenya in any of the fields in law, engineering, finance management, natural resource management, education, planning, development studies, gender studies and accounting
  • Demonstrable flair for commonwealth and Kenya Legislative procedure
  • Demonstrable interest and commitment to the aims, objectives and principles of a devolved legislature
  • Good command of spoken and written English and Swahili coupled with demonstrable report writing skills
3. Human Resource Development Officer
Ref: M/CAS/2013/03 –
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Identification and analysis of training needs
  • Writing training proposals
  • Coordinating and conducting training
  • Supervising lower cadre training
  • Writing workshop reports
  • Compiling and updating skills inventory
Requirements for Appointment
  • Served as Human Resource Development Officer II for three (3) years
  • Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management / Education
  • Training of Trainers certificate; and
  • Shown merit in work performance.
4. Administrative / Personal Assistant
Ref: M/CAS/2013/04
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Performing secretarial duties including typing, correspondences, reports and memoranda
  • Receiving and screening calls and correspondence on behalf of the Speaker.
  • Managing Speaker’s calendar and may arrange tentative schedules
  • Answering and screening telephone calls for all office staff, takes and relays messages, responding to routine inquiries, forwarding calls to appropriate party.
  • Receiving, date stamps and distribution incoming mail and purchasing requisitions to appropriate office staff.
  • Preparing special and recurring departmental reports by gathering data from various sources, compiling and typing data.
  • General office organization and administration and maintaining a variety of logs and files
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Requirements for appointment
  • Candidates must be in possession of a Bachelors degree in administration or any social sciences
  • At least two years of working experience
  • Require good knowledge of County Assembly operations
5. Public Communication / Media Relations Officer
Ref: M/CAS/2013/05
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Coordinate all public relations related activities including publishing or brochures handbooks, flyers, CDs etc
  • Updating of the County Assembly website in liaison with the IT department;
  • Coordinating of the outreach program
  • Coordinating and receiving non VIP visitors to the Assembly
  • Prepare press releases, react to media stories and proactive media reporting through the available channels
  • Developing comprehensive corporate communication strategies
  • Keeping and maintaining all corporate communication records
  • Providing professional assistance in all areas of communication, Public Relations and Media Relations
  • A degree in social science, international relations, Public Relations, Mass communication or any other relevant qualifications from a recognized university;
  • Post graduate qualifications in Public relations and media or any other relevant field will be added advantage
  • 3 years experience in handling public relations and media issues;
  • Must demonstrate administrative management skills and sound knowledge of media, public relations and communication ability and
  • Be competent in use of IT as a working tool.
6. Principal, Legal Services, Counsel
Ref: M/CAS/2013/06
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Drafting of private members’ bills
  • Drafting of amendments to bills to be proposed to the house by any member of County Assembly or any committee of Assembly
  • Training of Legal Counsel under you
  • Supervision of Legal Counsel under you
  • Giving legal interpretation of Acts and Bills and generally giving legal advice on matters relating to County Assembly
  • Providing legal advice to the County Assembly Service Board, Assembly and its committees
  • Providing any other legal services that may be required by Assembly, the Committees, the Speaker, the County Assembly Service Board or the Clerk
  • Ensuring that bills passed by Assembly comply with the Constitution
Requirements for Appointment
For appointment to this grade, a Counsel must:-
  • Have served in the grade of Senior Legal Counsel or in a comparable and relevant position for a minimum period of three (3) years.
  • Be admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya,
  • Be in possession of a current practicing certificate;
  • Have a post-graduate qualification in legislative drafting from a recognized institution or (5) years experience in litigation and
  • Proficiency in the use of basic computer applications.
7. Legal Clerk 
Ref: M/CAS/2013/07
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
A Legal Clerk will be responsible for:
  • Taking hearing dates in litigation matters
  • Facilitating services of legal documents
  • Collecting, circulating and filing of published bills and subsidiary legislation
  • Filling of court documents and any other legal document
  • Organizing the legal department registry
  • Preparation of bills and other legislative instruments for publication
  • Drafting legal documents under the supervision of Legal Counsel
  • Preparation of vellum copies for assent and publication
  • Preparation of committee stage amendments to bills and;
  • Providing any other clerical services that may be required by the Assembly, the committees, the Speaker, the County Assembly Service Board or the Clerk
Requirements for Appointment
For appointment to this position, a candidate must have;
  • Served in a comparable and relevant position for a minimum period of three (3) years;
  • Diploma in law from a recognized institution
  • Proficiency in the use of basic computer applications in preparation of legislative and legal documents
  • Kenya national Examination Council certificates in Typing III, Office Management III, Business English III, Commerce III, Secretarial duties II, and;
  • Possession of a current process server’s certificate will be an added advantage
8. Records Management Officer III / Archivist
Ref: M/CAS/2013/08
(2 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities:-
  • Receiving and dispatching letters
  • Maintaining related registers
  • Ensuring security of files and documents
  • Renewing file covers
  • Ensuring proper handling of documents
  • Pending correspondence and bring-ups
  • Preparing disposal schedules and disposing dead files in accordance with relevant government regulations
Requirements for Appointment
  • Bachelors degree in information sciences/Records Management
  • Served as Records Management Assistant for three (3) years
  • Shown merit in work performance
9. ICT Officer
Ref: M/CAS/2013/09
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Systems development, implementation and allocation
  • Coordinating systems development, implementation and maintenance
  • Carrying out feasibility studies
  • Preparing progress reports of the system s development
  • Evaluating systems and ensuring adherence to established ICT standards
  • Training and preparing staff performance reports
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluating program activities within an information communication Technology division/unit
  • Ensuring adherence to information communication standards
  • Liaising with user departments to ensure effective maintenance and evaluating hardware maintenance feasibility studies and detailed specifications before implementation
Requirements for Appointment
  • Served in ICT department as a senior information communication technology officer or in an equivalent and relevant position in the Public service for a minimum period of three (3) years;
  • Bachelors degree in information and communication technology
  • Demonstrated professional ability, initiative and competence in organizing and directing work
  • Attended a management course lasting not less than four (4) weeks
10. ICT Assistant
Ref: M/CAS/2013/10
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provide user support and training of users,
  • Assisting in the implementation of the computer systems
  • Writing and testing simple computed programs according to instructions and specifications
  • Monitoring the performance of ICT equipment and associated peripherals
Requirements for Appointment
  • For appointment of this grade, a candidate must have Diploma in any of the following field: Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering or its equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution.
11. Senior Research Officer
Ref: M/CAS/2013/11
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Ensuring provision of non-partisan professional research services to members, committees and staff of County Assembly.
  • Overseeing the assessment of strengthens and weaknesses of Government policy options.
  • Initiating and conducting anticipatory research/analysis on key policy issues, including assessing the strengths and weaknesses of policy options.
  • Writing of research papers and reports and facilitating their subsequent publications/dissemination
  • Supervising and ensuring quality control in the preparation of research papers, briefing notes and particular points of view.
Requirements for Appointment
Appointment to the position will be made from persons who have
  • Satisfactory served as Research Officer I or similar positions in comparable institutions for a minimum period of three (3) years.
  • Masters degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized University.
  • A thorough demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the concepts and techniques of professional research with particular emphasis on public analysis and an ability to nominate reports in a clear, concise and understandable manner.
  • An understanding of County Assembly process and a sensitivity to the research and policy analysis needs of the Assembly.
  • Demonstrated outstanding administrative/managerial capability in the organization of the research services.
12. Internal Auditor I
Ref: M/CAS/2013/12
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Preparation, implementation and supervision of all audit programmes used by the County Assembly
  • Reviewing all reports submitted by various sections/departments to confirm the accuracy and correctness of figures included there in before certification or signature.
  • Ensuring maintenance of high audit standards of performance in the County Assembly.
  • In charge of Audit function in the County Assembly and compile and report on.
Key Result Areas
  • Reconciliation: Tallying of expenditure with budget allocations, ensuring compliance with organizational procedures and regulations; and physical tallying of assets with records.
  • Evaluation: Assessment of effectiveness of existing safeguards (standards); review of such safeguards; and preparation of reports on such assessments and reviews,
Requirements for Appointments
Serving Internal Auditor II will be considered for promotion to this grade provided they have:
  • Served for at least three (3) years as Internal Auditor II and possess CPA III or equivalent;
  • Served for at least four (4) years as Internal Auditor II and possess CPA II or its equivalent;
  • Served for at least four (4) years as Internal Auditor II and possess University degree relevant to Audit function;
  • Served for at least five (5) years as Internal Auditor II and possess CPA I or its equivalent.
  • Shown merit and ability in work performance results.
13. Finance / Planning Officer III
Ref: M/CAS/2013/13
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
This is the entry and training grade for the Finance Officers cadre. An Officer for this level will work under a more senior officer.
Specific duties and responsibilities at this level involve:
  • Compiling, analyzing and formatting financial estimates;
  • Taking initial action on budget monitoring;
  • Preparing report and briefs on budgetary policy issues from users/departments.
Requirements for Appointment
For appointment to this grade, a candidate must be in possession of either a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics or Bachelor of Commerce degree (Business Administration with Finance) and in addition a post-graduate diploma in Planning and a Certified Public Accountant part III qualification.
14. Senior Accounts Controller
Ref: M/CAS/2013/14
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
The officer is responsible for efficient organization, control and co-ordination of the Accounting unit; interpretation of financial policies, budgeting controls, management accounting methods and financial returns.
Specifically, the Principal Accountant will be responsible for:
  • Provision of financial information for decision making
  • Developing, for consideration by the Board, draft accounting policies, procedures, regulations and standards for operation and control purposes
  • Application of budgeted funds for operations and development
  • Sourcing and collection of funds for augmenting expenditure
Requirements for Appointment
  • Holder of a relevant bachelors degree and a CPA(K)
  • Registration with ICPAK
  • Demonstrable experience in managing the accounting functions in public institution.
  • Knowledge of IFMIS is an added advantage
15. Maintenance Engineer / Works Superintentent
Ref: M/CAS/2013/15
(1 Post)
Duties and Responsibilities
An Engineer at this level may be deployed to assist in the preparation of specifications, contract documents and estimates for building, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering works.
In addition, the Officer will supervise and train junior staff working under him/her.
  • Supervising the installation, inspection, commissioning, testing electrical controls in buildings
  • Supervising the installation, commissioning, testing of mechanical plants in buildings including refrigerator and air conditioning plants, boilers, catering and laundry equipment
  • Supervising the repair and maintenance of buildings and associated installations including walls, joinery, masonry, architectural fittings, furniture, roofs, painting, car parking etc.
  • Maintenance of mechanical plants in buildings including refrigeration and air-conditioning plants, boilers, catering and laundry equipments
  • Maintenance of electrical systems for diesel generating plants and machinery including low and medium voltage distribution services
  • Repair and maintenance of electrical installation and controls related to catering equipment, lifts, boilers, cookers, water-heaters and general domestic appliances
Requirements for Application
  • For appointment to the grade of Maintenance Engineer a candidate must have attained a Bachelor of Science
  • Degree in Civil, Electrical/Electronic or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent from a recognized University
  • Have satisfactorily served in that grade for at least three (3) years
  • Registered with the Engineers Registration Board of Kenya and Cooperate member of the Institution of Engineers
  • Have shown merit and ability in work performance and result
Preferential criteria during selection
Suitably qualified applicants will enjoy preferential treatment in the order below:
a) Applicants serving in positions at the County Assembly on the basis of secondment during the transition period.
b) Applicants serving in the Executive arm of the County Government of Machakos
c) Applicants serving in the public service in the Republic.
d) Applicants who are residents in Machakos County
e) Applicants from the rest of the Country
How to apply
a) Each application should be accompanied by a detailed CV and copies of relevant academic and professional certificates, National Identity card or passport and other relevant testimonials so as to reach the Clerk, Machakos County Assembly not later than 13th August 2013
b) All applications should have the position being applied for clearly marked e.g. “application for Records Manager” Ref: M/CAS/2013/20 on the Envelop and addressed to:-
The Secretary
Machakos County Assembly Service Board
P O Box 149 – 90100
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
Any canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

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